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Caregiver Compassion Fatigue

Caregiver Compassion Fatigue

I was compelled to share this; it is remarkable how closely compassion fatigue for the animals parallels that of elder caregivers. (I am gerontologist AND dog lover that volunteers with Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest).

A startling fact that goes un-noticed, and one I’ve learned from experience. Please note I don’t want to take anything away from dog sitters and walkers, I truly enjoy doing that myself. However, in general, I’ve found that when hiring someone to care for a dog vs an older adult, the dog caregiver receives a higher level of compensation.


PBS to release “Caring for Mom & Dad”

PBS to release “Caring for Mom & Dad” documentary on the struggles of family caregivers (including how caregivers jobs are affected)

“Caring for Mom & Dad” is a poignant hour-long primetime PBS special, offers an intimate look at the issues facing family elder caregivers who are out on the front lines, and struggling to balance work, families and caring for their elderly loved ones. The film, narrated by Meryl Street, examines the tradeoffs facing working elder caregivers and their employers. Premieres May 7 on PBS (check local listing).