Veronica Woldt:

Veronica Woldt, M.A., is a gerontologist with twenty years experience in business development. Woldt is an Associate member of the National Association of  Professional Geriatric Care Managers and a contributing member of the ReACT coalition. ReACT is dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by employee  caregivers and reducing the impact on the companies that employ them.

Woldt’s focus on eldercare since 2001, combined with her employee eldercare project studies and  work in assisting hundreds of families facing eldercare management  difficulties, has been the catalyst for her consulting practice and the development of an online survey  tool,  the Corporate Employee Eldercare Survey (CEES©).

The findings of this employee eldercare specific tool help companies measure and define their true areas of lost productivity and recommends solutions on cost-effective ways in which the company can manage them.

“My experience in business  development, eldercare, and my passion in helping employees and employers  with the difficulties presented by the ’employee as elder caregiver’ challenge has led me to Corporate Eldercare Solutions.”

Katie Schefchik:

Katie Schefchik, M.A., is an adjunct professor and independent writer  who also works as a communications consultant for CES. She collaborates with  Veronica in regard to blog posts, print documents, web content, videos and  other materials in an effort to effectively communicate about aging and the  workplace.

Dr. Krista Moore:

Dr.  Moore is a gerontology professor at Mount Mary University and has taught about  and researched older adults for 30 years.  She strengthens the CEES© survey  findings by ensuring the statistics are valid and all major challenges are  found and analyzed.